"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others" - Jonathan Swift


Sorry Dickheads, no point in trying to log into my websites without my consent. My main site is now permanently PRIVATE and you only have yourselves to blame for it.
I now share what I am happy to show on my Bentbox profile - as Elysiumexotica.
If you want to act like the gentlemen that you pretend to be, then buy and pay for what boxes of images I have there that I am happy to share instead of trying to steal them.
You will of course not see Lilly or anyone like that. Those models are beyond your prurient reach.
Otherwise you can keep trying to log in and one day a few Chinese guys and I will be at your door with meat cleavers and a few meat hooks. Enjoy...

We have recorded your IP address as and will forward it to the police for attempted hacking.